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Frozen truck rental alludes to the transportation of perishable products rapidly and with superior grade through refrigeration, heat protection, and ventilation. This guarantees that the item remains new till the endpoint of the destination. Businesses that deal in such items need the logistics department to have a well-equipped frozen lorry or reefer containers.

Different products need different temperatures to preserve their freshness of it, Al Masagt general transport knows how to take care of that. Customers can also see available freezer units and sizes to see if we are capable enough to satisfy their needs. Not only do frozen items but dairy items or immediate delivery items or seafood could require frozen truck rental. If you are searching around for a sound and budget refrigerated truck rental near me; Al Masagt general transport would come on the top.

Frozen Truck Rental 

Al Masagt provides frozen truck rentals services in all states of the UAE. Let’s discuss in detail frozen truck rentals services.

Our Truck Services 

The best we offer through our services:

  1. Reducing the number of stops and making loading and unloading time quick to preserve the freshness and deliver the items at the right temperature.
  2. Using a strip curtain as much as possible so that the chill in the compartment wouldn’t be quickly dissipated.
  3. Food of different temperatures can’t be stored together, either partitions or different compartments are used in such scenarios. Perishable items, dry items, seafood, and all different types require different temperatures and care and we know how to handle it.
  4. Maintenance of hygiene is our top priority, be it of the food or the containers and truck. The food would be nicely packed and not opened till the destination while the containers and truck would be kept clean to protect the food as well as to take care of the ventilator and the chiller units.
  5. Efficient drivers and workers: the workers know how to organize the food and make the best use of the refrigerated trucks while our driver knows the route as well as takes care of the truck while driving with the food.

Our  Mission

Our company assures to satisfy you if you choose us. Al Masagt general transport with its dedicated management, skilled workers, well-equipped trucks of all sizes provides the best food transportation while taking care of the food quality and freshness preservation. Think no more, look into the details, and choose Al Masagt general transport immediately for our trucks are sent for maintenance and cleanliness often to meet our customer’s utmost requirements. If the food items are not given in the right hands, might become inedible, trust us and rest back, we will take care of your food in our best trucks.


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