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Transporting heavyweights and heaps from place to place is a problem that can be so stressful. To combat this problem Al Masa General Transport presented the use of the Low Bed Trailer in Abu Dhabi.

Al Masa General Transport is the name of the trading company that provides the rental services for the refrigerated truck, trailers, and transport services in Abu Dhabi considering the market demands. The targeted customers of the Al Masa General Transport Pharmaceuticals, Construction, food distribution, and Catering Events happening in Abu Dhabi. They provide up-to-date trailers for rent that will safeguard the quality of the transported goods and products.

Low Bed Trailer in Abu Dhabi

Low Bed Trailer specialized trailer used to carry heavy loads and good for transportation. They are usually used to carry construction gadgets and equipment. They are known as Low-Bed Trailer as their body is very low near to the ground so, the loading of the good is not a problem.

Strengths of low bed trailer

They are intended for the transportation of heightened loads that surpasses the normal height restrictions for transportation.

It has two drops in the floor, behind the gooseneck and before the wheels that make it a low bed trailer.

Flawless in moving heavier machinery such as bulldozers and excavators.

The weight carrying capacity of the Low-Bed Trailer can be between 40,000 to 80,000 pounds.

Its maximum length is 24 – 29.6ft with a maximum height of 18 – 24inch

Safety Measures

Safety is the most important perspective while serving the customers. As these trailers are huge and can cause harm so, some safety measure while using Low Bed Trailers in Abu Dhabi needs to be considered

Loading and unloading

always choose the right path or side for loading goods into the trailer.

Safeguarding loads

Since the trailer is used for the transportation of heavy loads so, guarantee that the loads are protected and centered on the trailer before any movement.


Brakes are an important part of driving. While you apply brakes make sure that the loads are centered and apply low pressure. Also, carefully inspect each and every part of the trailer before use to avoid and disastrous situation.

Reasons for Renting

Some of the reasons why these trailers should be rented are;

·     These are easily accessible for the customer.

·         Buying a heavy trailer is a tough and expensive job. They are cost-effective to rent.

·         Need not be worried about the maintenance of the trailer.

·         No parking and storage cost required for Low-Bed trailer.

·         Professional help is also available along with a rental trailer that will guide you about the loading process so that your product can easily be delivered.

Renting a Low-Bed Trailer Abu-Dhabi is now an easy job with Al Masa General Transportation rental services. Renting will save your money, time, maintenance cost, and work and will provide you with professional help and better service which will transport your product safely.


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