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Reefer trucks or containers are used by reefer trucking companies for items that need to be temperature controlled while shipping. Reefer containers or trucks are used for big shipments and are facilitated by a refrigeration unit that is connected to the power supply to the board of a ship. Al Masa general transportation assures us to take care of all types of food items and deliver their sound to the endpoint professionally.

Reefer Trucking Companies

Items transported in Reefer include:

  • Vegetable and fruits
  • meat, fish, and other seafood items
  •  dairy products
  • tobacco products
  • pharmaceuticals
  • fine arts and antiques
  • personal care products: cosmetics, perfumes, and many more
  • chemical and construction material

and other such items that need quick and temperature concerned transportation

Few pointers about a reefer container or truck:

  • Designed to maintain a certain temperature, humidity, and atmosphere at a constant value during the whole transmit time, as per the requirement of the good.
  • Our vital settings that need to be taken care of: are ventilation, temperature, humidity, and drainage.
  • The reefer does not work on its own but needs a power supply, be it a container or a truck.

We need to thank technology for the new refrigeration systems that are more reliable, efficient, and flexible than those built decades ago; for instance, the present refrigeration frameworks empower directors to unequivocally set the temperature, wind stream, and working mode that are generally proper for the items being carried. Then to the reefer trucking companies that provide refrigerated transport services and take care of the details and take care of the food.

 Al Masa Services 

Al Masa General Transport is a well-established heavy vehicle transport company. Over a decade of our journey, we’ve provided the best transportation services on a daily and long-term basis.

We provide Reefer TrucksReefer VansReefer TrailersTrailers (Low bed, flatbed),  Cranes, TrucksForklift, and Containers Mass,  as a transportation solution throughout the UAE.

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