What are the Main three Components of Crane?

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Cranes are fundamentally distinct from other types of construction equipment. Unlike other machinery that runs on gas or oil, they do not require any power. Cranes were there when no other machinery had been introduced to the market; hence they can be considered the forefathers of all construction equipment. If you want to buy or sell a crane, the best choice is to contact a crane rental dubai company, as they may be able to assist you.

What is a Crane?

A crane is a piece of heavy construction equipment or a tool used to move huge things, machinery, or any other type of material. They are virtually universally utilised in any industry that demands the lifting of large objects. Cranes are frequently used in industries such as building, automobiles, and shipping. Tower cranes are commonly seen at the top of buildings or along skylines because they are mainly employed to construct long structures.

Components of Crane

The following are some of the components that you will usually find in dubai cranes:


The crane’s primary component is the boom. The boom is essentially a long arm that can be moved around or fixed. The boom’s function is somewhat amorphous, as it is determined by the crane’s type. Booms can work without jib and are sometimes the crane’s most crucial component.

The boom’s primary purpose is to raise, move, and arrange any object in the proper position. They are made in such a way that they can withstand the maximum load without generating any problems. If you are getting any crane from crane rental dubai, make sure you check out for the performance of the boom as the overall performance of the crane relies on it.


The jib component can be found in every crane, whether it be a crawler crane or another form of a crane. The jib is mainly attached to the boom’s end. This attachment aids in the reduction of a small amount of weight on the boom. On the other hand, Jibs are fixed in length and cannot be moved, unlike booms. Some of the crane dubai you’ll acquire will come with a jib at the end of the boom to aid in the lifting of objects.

The major purpose of the crane’s jib is to keep the product safe from damage while it is being placed. As a result, jibs aren’t always necessary while the job is being done.

Rotex Gear

The Rotex Gear is the component that connects the cab to the ground. The Rotex gear’s primary function is to allow the cab and boom to rotate in opposite directions. This is a simple function, but it is critical to the crane’s operation because it is useless without rotation.

When purchasing a crane from crane rental dubai, make sure to inspect the rotation of the Rotex gear, as it must be smooth in operation; otherwise, problems with movement and placement of the object or other lifting material may arise.

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