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What are reefer trailers?

In the transportation sector, a refrigerated container is called a “reefer,” whereas a refrigerated trailer is called a “reefer trailer.” These refrigerated trailers include insulated walls and self-contained refrigeration equipment. Refrigerated trailers are designed to keep your goods at a specific temperature, so they arrive in good condition.

Reefer trailer construction:

Standard construction of reefer has the following compulsory parts for refrigeration:

Compressor:The compressor is driven by a small engine housed within the cooler. The compressor commences once gaseous refrigerant has been drawn in and compressed. The high pressure within the device causes the liquid refrigerant to release heat into both the compressor and the surrounding air.

Condenser:The liquid is pumped into the condenser by the compressor. The condenser continues to transmit heat from the still-warm fluid. The liquid’s heat is transferred to the walls of the tube and subsequently to the outside fins. The condenser fins of the fan provide increased surface area for cooling the outside air—a radiator functions in a similar manner.

Evaporator:The evaporator will be straightforward to locate in the trailer. After most heat has been dispersed via a condenser, a cooling liquid has been generated. Through evaporation, the refrigerant becomes a gas upon expansion. This process transfers heat from the air passing over the fins to the refrigerant, absorbing a substantial quantity of heat from the finned coils around it.

Reefer trailer working mechanism:

There are several advantages to using chilled vehicles like refrigerated trucks and trailers to transport perishable products such as food or medications. Temperatures in the cold chain range from 12°C to -70°C (54°F to -94°F) for the transportation of goods. In addition, reefer trailersspeed up distribution by reducing delays at cold chain facilities while protecting the integrity of perishable items.

The military, oil and gas, hazardous products, and chemical commodities are different industries that use reefer trucks and trailers in addition to medicines and food. Generally, that rental reefer trailer near me would be found whose diameter and dimension are given below:

Reefer trailerDimensions:

Length:Usually, 40 ft reefer trailers are supposed to be suitable for use.

Width: Their average length is eight ft. 6 inches. The interior of the reefer trailer has a width of 8 feet 1.5 inches.

Height: With a 46.5-inch fifth wheel, a typical reefer trailer is 13 feet 6 inches tall. The refrigerated trailer’s internal height is approximately 8 feet 7 inches, while the entrance is 9 feet 2 inches.

Weight: The total weight of a typical reefer trailer is 12,455 pounds, including all parts. More than 2,000 pounds of the total is due just to the gadget itself. Reefer trailers have a gross vehicle weight rating of 65 per cent but a payload rating of 55 per cent.


Reefer trailers are generally refrigerated trucks with specified temperature, construction, and working mechanisms. They are usually used in all aspects of life, like dairy products, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and vegetables, etc. Most companies have their reefers trailers, but some use rental trailers with reefers.

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