Reefer Trucks and their Applications

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A reefer truck is a particular truck modified to serve as a transport vehicle for goods that require cold temperatures. These goods may include edible items, medicines and other goods that are temperature sensitive. The reefer truck varies in size, so selecting a reefer truck’s cargo is crucial. Usually, a 5-ton reefer truck or a more significant capacity truck is pulled by a prime over or rigs. Lets discuss reefer truck for rent in detail.

Reefer Truck for Rent Requirement

The increase of population world wide requires more food and medicine transported to them. It reflects the crucial role of perishable goods and edible goods in an economy. No government wants its citizens hungry; therefore, these cold chain logistics come into play after sourcing goods.

Cold chain is a whole different world of logistics as it serves a particular purpose. Unlike general logistics, it requires special equipment installed on the fleet to make them capable of transporting perishable goods. These goods tend to decay with time. The requirement for these reefer trucks is on the rise.

The importance of reefer trucks increases as they serve to save billions of dollars worth of goods. The agriculture sector is a billion-dollar industry where genetically engineered crops provide a higher yield. The processed food industry follows the agricultural as a significant share of these crops goes to the industries as raw material.

Eventually, both of these sectors require logistics but with a controlled environment. A reefer truck is the best transport vehicle to serve the purpose. Usually, food processing industries own similar vehicles. The size of a 5-ton reefer truck is optimal to serve the purpose of distribution in different regions. 

Application vs Sizing of Reefer Trucks

As mentioned earlier, the cargo and sizing of these trucks are crucial depending on the volume of goods that need to be transported. This size varies based on the application isolated to industry or sub-categories of the perishable goods. The perishable goods category includes fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat and fish. Medical goods like medicine, injectable, and other medical equipment require a unique environment.

The relations of sizing to the applications depend on consuming particular type of goods category. Usually, medical goods are compact and have better packaging, requiring a small space than other perishable items with bulk packaging. Therefore, for medical equipment and medical transport, usually,3-ton reefer trucks are suitable.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that 33-ton reefer trucks are only for medical transport, but when there is a requirement for a small volume of perishable goods transport, 3 tons trucks can be handy. For extensive medical facilities, sometimes even 5-ton reefer trucks come in handy. So, if you ever see a 3-ton reefer truck for sale, it doesn’t mean that a medical facility is retiring.

Conclusion Reefer Truck

This freezer on wheels serves a vital role in the economies of all the countries. Millions of dollars of foods and perishables go to waste every year ever cause of an inadequate temperature and pressure that makes these goods’ sustainability questionable. Knowing the size of the reefer truck when renting one is quite essential as they are more costly than regular logistic options.

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